Exquisite interlocking bricks.

About Us

We're a company based in Kisumu City involved in the production of Interlocking Bricks and are also involved in the construction of houses based on the same technology.

Traditional methods of brick making in Kenya comprise of taking a clay based mud and making a rectangular brick by hand. The problem is that because they are made by hand they are not a consistent shape, and they come in a variety of sizes. After making the brick they are then put into a pyramid stack with a gap in the middle where a fire is lit, they cover the top with banana leaves and dry grass (a handmade Kiln process). The bricks are then fired for 96 hours - constantly keeping the fire burning with wood, and are left to cool for 4 days. The bricks are then stored for 4 – 6 months before they are used.

This whole process is:

1. Labour intensive,

2. Bad for the environment because of the amount of wood needed to ‘cook' the bricks,

3. Makes the building process longer and more expensive as the builders use more cement for mortar and rendering because of the imperfections of the bricks.

The new ISSB machine is an old technology that originated in France over 800 years ago. Kenya over the past 25 years have redeveloped the system because the Government has banned the cutting of timber to fire bricks the traditional way, knowing what it was doing to the environment.

The benefits of the Interlocking Soil Stabilized Bricks (ISSB):

  1. The bricks do not need to be fired 
  2. Cost saving because of less time needed to make them. 
  3. They are double the size of a normal fired brick so you only need to use half the number of bricks. 
  4. There is no mortar needed between the bricks because of the interlocking system. 
  5. Uniformed shape for every brick, which uses less mortar and render(plaster) – saves up to 50% compared to using fired bricks. 
  6. Are weather resistant and can be used in the construction of septic and water tanks. (There is a curved ISSB machine which can make curved bricks for water tanks) 
  7. The bricks can be manufactured on site, saving on transportation costs and damage. 

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More Information

Visit us at  Kajulu near the Mambo Leo Show Ground in Kisumu.
( L x W x H ) (cm)
26.5 x 14 x 10 cm

8-10 kg

Texture : 
               Smooth & Flat

Blocks needed to
make up a square meter: 
         38 pieces

  Ksh. 8-15